Will's Hotel opened in the summer of 2007. It is located in Ocna Sugatag near the spa resort, about 60km from the city of Baia Mare and about 17 km from the small town of Sighetu Marmatiei . It's very convienient for tourists who are visiting The Barsana Monastery, The Merry Cemetery in Sapinta, The Vaser Mocanita, and many other tourist attractions offered by historical Maramures.

At Will’s we have a variety of 24 rooms (single, double, and apartment), with a capacity of about 55. Rooms are equipped with private shower, TV, and mini-bar. For tourists' convinience, both bar and restaurant are available on the premises. Also, The Will's lovely garden is available for tourists to enjoy a relaxing afternoon/evening, or embark on a journey right behind Will's, in Creasca Forest.
Will's location is very close to near-by Salty Lake where you can spend your day tanning, swimming, and/or a lovely walk with fresh air.
In one phrase, Will's is the oasis of a peaceful getaway.

Tel: 01140262374414; Mobil 01140741640985; Fax 01140262374415


Date de contact: willsoffice@clicknet.ro (Email: ) (Telefon: 01140741640985)

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